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Year 1 – Deer

Deer Class
Teacher – Miss Collins




Life in Deer Class

In Year One, we make the transition from following the Foundation Stage curriculum to learning in National Curriculum subject areas. We begin each day with a Letters and Sounds lesson which teaches us the skills to learn to read, spell and write. We also take part in Literacy and Numeracy lessons in the mornings. Assembly takes place each day. Afternoons are when we learn through topic themes. ICT and swimming in our own school pool are especially popular and enjoyable sessions.


We start the year by agreeing on the golden class rules which help everyone to understand how to be good learners and how to respect others.


This year, our golden rules are:

  • Be honest and tell the truth.

  • Try your best with learning activities.

  • Be kind and do not hurt others.

  • Listen carefully and take turns to speak.


We elect 2 children to represent our class in School Council Meetings, where our views on different topics are discussed with other children and school leaders. We plan activities to help us have fun and organise events during the school year.

The classroom is organised into different learning areas like Numeracy, Literacy, Construction, Creative and Role play. At the start of the year, the learning looks similar to the way it is organised in the Reception class, with lots of play activities to enable learning and some outdoor activities. We plan our own choice of creative, construction and play activities by showing choices on little cards.


Here is a list of things we do and some ways to organise ourselves simply each day so that we can get on with our learning in class:

  1. Label everything you bring to school with your name – except yourself, of course! When unclaimed, any unnamed items will be sent straight to lost property.

  2. Only Velcro or buckles on shoes and P.E shoes and NO LACES PLEASE.

  3. Keep your P.E kit in school every day – navy shorts, white t-shirt and Daps or Velcro trainers. We will send it home to be washed at the end of every term.

  4. Bring a water bottle to school each Monday and we will send it home to be washed on Fridays. We do not have cups in class.

  5. Only your reading book, reading diary and any lists of words you are learning to read should be kept in your reading folder. They will be collected in at the beginning of the day and you will not be able to get anything from them during the day.

  6. Everyone needs a backpack please – or a school bag. You will not have a tray to store personal things in the room, like you did in Reception.

  7. Toast can be ordered for morning break for the whole term. Please send the money to school in a labelled envelope on the first day back of each term.

  8. You will be given free fruit to eat in the afternoon but if you prefer, you may bring your own piece of fruit.

  9. You are allowed to bring one very small, pocket sized toy to school which must be kept in your backpack, unless it is playtime. Please do not bring anything that you are really precious about as it is your job to look after it.

Welcome to Deer Class

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