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Life in Deer Class

In Year One, we make the transition from following the Foundation Stage curriculum to learning in National Curriculum subject areas. We start each day promptly at 8.50, beginning each day with a Letters and Sounds lesson which teaches us the skills to learn to read, spell and write. This also helps us to develop our skills in preparation for the Year One Phonics test in June which gives a pass or fail result.  Daily English and Maths lessons take place in the mornings. Assembly takes place each day. Afternoons are when we learn through topic themes. Swimming in our own school pool and using our beautiful school grounds are especially popular and enjoyable sessions. We also love our class mascot, Jigsaw Jack who teaches and inspires us to be the best citizens and learners that we can be. 



We start the year by agreeing on the golden class rules which help everyone to understand how to be good learners and how to respect others.


Our golden rules are:

  • BE HONEST - Tell the truth and help to make things right again.

  • ENCOURAGE OTHERS - Find ways to help each other learn.

  • DO YOUR BEST - Work neatly and keep trying with things you cannot yet do confidently.

  • LISTEN WELL - Take turns to speak and listen.


  • BE NICE - Always use kind words and actions.

  • LOOK AFTER THINGS - Take care to use things carefully and safely.


We elect 2 children to represent our class in School Council Meetings, where our views on different topics are discussed with other children and school leaders. We plan activities to help us have fun and organise events during the school year.


The classroom is organised into different learning areas like Maths, English Construction, Creative and Role play. At the start of the year, the learning looks similar to the way it is organised in the Reception class, with lots of play activities to enable learning and some outdoor activities. We plan our own choice of creative, construction and play activities by showing choices on planning cards.



End of term Scratch art - requested by the children to feature on their web page. The children have made these bags to take their work home in this year.

Deer Class were united for dementia and raised money for the Alzheimers Society with Cupcake Day.

Easter craft

Story telling - Lenny the Leprechaun.

Still image for this video


Still image for this video
Book day recital By Deer Class

Wedding role play linked to The Owl and the Pussy-Cat poem

Wedding role play linked to The Owl and the Pussy-Cat poem 1
Wedding role play linked to The Owl and the Pussy-Cat poem 2

Class Photos

Class Photos 1 Celebrating St David's Day
Class Photos 2 Gathering facts for non fiction writing about pets
Class Photos 3
Class Photos 4
Class Photos 5 Naming parts of flowering plants
Class Photos 6
Class Photos 7
Class Photos 8
Class Photos 9 Growing and observing cress
Class Photos 10 Enjoying our cup cake fundraising day
Class Photos 11
Class Photos 12
Class Photos 13
Class Photos 14
Class Photos 15
Class Photos 16
Class Photos 17
Class Photos 18
Class Photos 19
Class Photos 20
Class Photos 21
Class Photos 22
Class Photos 23
Class Photos 24
Class Photos 25
Class Photos 26
Class Photos 27
Class Photos 28
Class Photos 29
Class Photos 30
Class Photos 31
Class Photos 32
Class Photos 33
Class Photos 34
Class Photos 35 Designing and making rolling toys
Class Photos 36
Class Photos 37 Designing and making our own rolling toys
Class Photos 38
Class Photos 39
Class Photos 40
Class Photos 41
Class Photos 42 Design Technology
Class Photos 43
Class Photos 44
Class Photos 45 Some of our Art week models
Class Photos 46 Preparing for Arts week with a special delivery
Class Photos 47 Visitors to our class during the school fair
Class Photos 48
Class Photos 49 Sports Day
Class Photos 50 Making honey sandwiches during our Bee Topic
Class Photos 51 Teamwork
Class Photos 52