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Rationale for the Computing Curriculum at Wick CE Primary


During their time at Wick CE Primary all children will learn how to use a wide range of computing technology. Children will have the opportunity to become safe, respectable digital citizens, and be confident selecting appropriate computing technology for a wide variety of uses in the outside world.


We aim to encourage children to become computer literate, enabling them to fulfil their potential in an increasingly computer-dominated world. Learning key transferable computing skills such as typing, research, coding and data handling concepts, will enable them to adapt in an ever changing and technology rich environment.



  • To ensure that the school has a wide range of flexible resources to support learning and teaching of computing skills and across the curriculum
  • To improve children’s capability in the use of Computers
  • To extend and enhance learning across the curriculum
  • To enable children and staff to select and use computing technology appropriately and efficiently and apply their use across a range of subject areas
  • To ensure continuity and progression throughout the primary phase and towards secondary education
  • To deliver the programmes of study for Computing
  • To enable the children to appreciate the importance of computing technology in their lives and some of the purposes for which it can be used
  • To reduce staff workload through use of ICT to support management and administration
  • Promote e-safety awareness amongst pupils and parents