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Extra Curricular Activities

Extra Curricular Activities

The pupils are offered a variety of physical and creative activities offered by the school staff during and after school including a variety of sports, gardening, science and craft clubs. There are a variety of sports clubs with Bristol Sport Foundation and First Sport Coaching.  The details vary each term and parents are notified separately as to the timing and specific arrangements.


During the school day pupils have the chance to buy into music lessons for the whole year where we focus on guitars, recorders and keyboard.


We provide a Breakfast Club which operates from 7.45-8.50am each morning. Breakfast club offers the pupils a chance to have breakfast before class and play various games.


It is our aim to maintain, for your child, conditions at work and play which ensure health and safety at all times. The children are always well supervised both within the school and in the grounds. During the school year children are encouraged to use the school field as an extra play area. During times when the school field is wet, children will need a change of clothes and footwear.