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Friends of Wick School (FOWS)



What do we do?

The principle aim of FOWS is to enhance every child’s experience of Wick Primary School by raising money to buy the extras that the school can’t afford.
From subsidising school trips through to purchasing classroom equipment that makes learning more fun… FOWS are here to help put a smile on the children’s faces.

As well as raising money, the events themselves are good fun, offer a great chance to socialise and help build community spirit for Wick and the surrounding areas.


Where does the money go?

Money raised by the Friends supports the ‘extras’ that the school would not normally be able to afford. Requests for expenditure are made at the FOWS meetings, and approved or declined after discussion. Suggestions come from staff, parents and (most importantly) the children themselves.


FOWS is a registered charity consisting of volunteers; it doesn’t make any profit and puts all the money it raises straight back into the school for the benefit of the children.


Who are the people that make-up FOWS?

You are!

If you have an interest in supporting the school, whether you are a parent, carer, teacher or member of the community, you are already regarded as a member of FOWS.

You are very welcome to come and share your ideas at our informal meetings.
We generally meet about 6 times a year – the meetings are fun, informal and there are always plenty of biscuits!

We also have an AGM once a year, normally in September.


To help keep us reasonably organised, we have a chairperson, a secretary and a treasurer. We also try to ensure that a member of the school staff is at each of our meetings. But the really important people are those who help run the events and come-up with new fundraising ideas.


Current Key Members

Chairperson – Natalie Munroe

Treasurer - James Tanner

Secretary – Amber Brown


What we have funded

The ‘Timber Trail’ 
The ‘Quiet Area’ seating, planter and games
Playground graphics
Lunch time play equipment
Goal posts
KS1 Playhouse 
Frisbee throwing fun day
The canopy outside the KS1 classrooms
Library book
Guided reading books
Interactive whiteboards
Music system


Why not come along to our next FOWS meeting?

We’re a friendly bunch and you won’t be committing yourself in any way…you can simply come along and see what it’s all about, offer suggestions on new fund raising ideas or perhaps discuss thoughts you have on where we could spend some funds?

FOWS meeting dates are included in the list of Diary Dates in the weekly newsletter.


Instagram: friends_of_wick_school


Keep an eye on the school newsletters, the school website and our own website for all FOWS up and coming events.