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Through National Curriculum History, the school aims:

• to help children gain a feeling about the thoughts and actions of people in the past based on a method of enquiry which uses historical evidence (objects, pictures, documents)
• to develop a sense of the passage of time
• to develop an historical imagination
• to teach ways of presenting in written, illustrated, oral and dramatic
forms the children's understanding of history.

Use is made of the local environment as much as possible. The children are fortunate to live in an area with rich historical associations, e.g. Roman Bath, Medieval Bristol, Wick Court, Battle of Lansdown.



National Curriculum Geography helps children acquire skills, knowledge and understanding which will give them:

• a sense of wonder at the diversity of the natural and man-made world
• facts about people and places
• ideas about man and his environment and the inter-relationship between people and places
• geographical skills such as map reading

The use of practical experiences is stressed and children will be able to investigate the geography, geology and industry of the local environment. As far as possible children will learn through enquiry and the handling of geographical 'evidence' (photographs, products, maps).