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At Wick, we believe that learning a foreign language should be enjoyable, engaging and purposeful and should enable the pupils to make substantial progress in one language.  We have chosen Spanish  as Wick's main language because of the number of Spanish speakers around the world but also because it is a language that many children will encounter through holidays, pop songs and online games and apps.   We also believe that learning Spanish enables the children to learn about the culture and customs of Spain and of other Spanish speaking countries in South America. 


How Spanish is taught

Children learn Spanish in years 3 to 6 as part of the normal curriculum and receive an hour a week of Spanish teaching taught by a specialist teacher.  In addition, key stage 2 classes answer the register and  sing the lunchtime prayer in Spanish.  The teaching provides a balance of spoken and written language and the children are taught to listen attentively to spoken language and join in and respond in words, phrases and short sentences.  Patterns and sounds of language are explored through songs,  games, rhymes, stories and videos.  The children answer questions, ask questions and hold simple conversations.  Accurate pronunciation is encouraged when speaking and reading aloud.  The children read and write phrases and simple sentences in Spanish, adapting them to create new sentences.  The older children write and make short presentations in Spanish and use dictionaries to research new vocabulary and increase their understanding of the language. 


Wick has a well-established link with Gloria Fuertes International School in Jaen, Andalucia (Southern Spain) and every child in key stage 2 at Wick has a penpal with whom they regularly exchange letters.  The letter writing gives the children the opportunity to write Spanish for a purpose and to learn about Spanish culture and customs.    The children are excited every term to write and  receive letters from their friends in Spain and we now have children who are in their fourth year of writing to the same penpal.  Have a look at the powerpoint below about Gloria Fuertes. 

Gloria Fuertes Spanish partner school

The children have been very excited to write to their Spanish pen pals again and Magpies are especially excited to start learning Spanish and to find out who their new pen pal is!

Autumn letters to our Spanish pen pals

Valentines cards from Magpies for their penpals

Valentines cards from Owls

Valentines cards from Peregrines

Valentines cards from Woodpeckers

Year 6 pupils in Woodpeckers' class reading their Christmas letters from their penpals

Letters to our Spanish pen pals from Magpies, Owls, Peregrines and Woodpeckers

Skills and Knowledge Progression Document