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How we Teach Music at Wick CE Primary


  • We follow the National Curriculum for England 2016 and use several supportive resources to implement the music curriculum. The schemes ensure progression through each year group across the school and coverage of all the strands of music.
  • Where there are links to our topics, we supplement this scheme with cross curricular activities.
  • We aim to provide opportunities for our children to access specialist instrumental tuition through whole class recorders in Key Stages 1 and 2 and we have specialist teachers from Funky Punk Music who offer individual and group paid tuition to those children who wish to. Year 4 also benefit from a 10 week drumming programme. We also ensure all our children have opportunities to sing and perform to an audience through productions, participation in community concerts and South Gloucestershire Schools events


  • Using suitable schemes of work for each year group, pupils receive a one-hour music lesson every week. All lessons follow the South Gloucestershire Music Progression and Assessment Maps and are assessed against the criteria set out in this document.
  • As much of the music curriculum is practical, we capture any written outcomes or photographs in the children’s topic folders. Photos from key musical events are shared on the school website or on display.
  • Children are encouraged to perform, compose and improvise using a variety of tuned and percussive instruments and body percussion.
  • Pupil voice used to create ‘pop-up’ clubs that address interest in particular areas of music (singing club, song-writing club)


  • Each topic will have specific objectives which will enable the teacher to assess whether pupils in each year group have achieved the ‘expected’ standard. To have reached this standard, pupils will have demonstrated they have achieved the objectives for each topic. Effort levels are reported to parents in the pupil’s annual report.
  • The Music subject leader carries out assessments during, and at the end of each topic.
  • Children will use technical language to describe, perform and create pieces of music and songs.
  • Children develop a love for music so that they can use it as a creative outlet for expression and enjoyment

Musical opportunities at Wick C E Primary

 We wish to promote Music as an enjoyable, emotional experience gained through listening and through creating music, either the children's own or by music already written. We encourage all children to actively participate in musical activities and offer a range of opportunities in which they can explore their idea of music. Specialist instrumental teachers visit the school every week and give children the chance to play an instrument and gain recognition for their hard work either through Music Medal exams or performing at a school event. We currently offer lessons in guitar, ukulele, keyboard and recorders.

Wick School has strong links with the community and children can perform in our community concert or to local groups during the year. Year 5 and 6 children are invited to take part in Summer and Winter concerts involving several South Gloucestershire Schools.


What our children say about Music

“I like singing and it makes me feel happy”

“There are lots of activities using the instruments and helps me to feel calm and peaceful and sometimes excited”

“We hear lots of different music that we don’t normally hear”

“I am proud that I am getting better at playing the piano and recorder