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We wish to promote Music as an enjoyable, emotional experience gained through listening and through creating music, either the children's own or music already written. 

The development of listening skills is of supreme importance in helping young children to read, and music can help a child make fine aural distinctions between different sounds. Children are given the opportunity to hear a wide range of music both in recorded form and through live performances. Music is used as a stimulus for physical activity, art and language work. 

We encourage children to play instruments. There are many opportunities for children to play percussion and tuned instruments as part of classroom activities. Children in Years 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 are also able to learn to play the recorder, ukulele, keyboard and guitar, if they wish. All children have plenty of chances to sing both in class and at the lunchtime singing club.

Opportunities are provided for children to compose their own music, an experience which will increase their understanding of the creative process and a chance to express their ideas and feelings in a medium other than words or pictures.