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At Wick, our aim is to equip all children with the necessary skills needed to become confident and competent readers. We understand the fundamental importance reading has on a child’s ability to access the wider curriculum, make progress and ultimately succeed in life. It is our mission to open children’s minds to the magic and joy of reading, by introducing them to a wide range of carefully chosen literature. We believe all staff, in partnership with parents, have a vital role to play in contributing to the teaching of reading. They will improve their vocabulary, sentence structures and knowledge of the world. We aim to teach the children to read fluently and with understanding. We promote a love of books and an enjoyment of reading. We intend to build a community of engaged readers who see reading as a pleasure and utilise it as a transferable skill.

The school aims to:

  • Provide the children with the skills and strategies necessary to develop into competent and fluent readers
  • Encourage the enjoyment of books and reading so that the children develop a life-long love of books
  • Develop study skills so that the children can find appropriate fiction and non-fiction books from the library.
  • Develop a critical appreciation of the work of authors, poets and illustrators in order to emulate these skills in their own writing.
  • Encourage care and ownership of books.
  • Make sure children are familiar with a large bank of rhymes and stories including nursery rhymes, traditional tales and stories from other cultures.
  • Provide a rich and varied diet with a range of authors and books to suit different interests.

This is achieved by delivering a comprehensive reading programme to our children starting when they join us in Reception until they leave in Year 6. We operate on a keep up not catch up modal. We wholeheartedly believe reading to be an entitlement for all children and value it as a key skills for academic success. Our children are encouraged to read for purpose.


Reading for Practice       Reading for Pleasure         Reading for Meaning



Our children begin their reading journey by learning to decode. At Wick we teach phonics through a systematic programme - The Little Wandle Letters and Sounds scheme which follows a clear progression and ensures synthetic phonics teaching. High quality phonics teaching provide our learners with the skills of how to read, this supports reading for meaning and ultimately makes reading pleasurable. The children will have daily phonics lessons in Reception and Year 1 where they will learn:

  • grapheme‒phoneme correspondences in a clearly defined, incremental sequence
  • synthesise (blend) phonemes (sounds) in order through a word to read it
  • to segment words into their constituent phonemes for spelling
  • that blending and segmenting are reversible processes


We use the Little Wandle Big Cat Collins books to ensure all children are given an appropriate phonetically decodable book to take home each day alongside a reading for pleasure book which they can share with an adult or sibling at home.


For further detail regarding how reading is taught and support at Wick, please refer to our reading DNA and Phonics/Reading overview documents.


If you have any further questions, please contact the reading lead, Mr Chris Nesbitt, or for more specific information on Phonics, our Phonics Lead Mrs Ella Davies.

READING MILESTONES – Please see our website for our updated reading milestones.

READING BOOK LISTS – Please check our website for details.




Below is a recommended list of books suitable for each year group taken from the LoveReading4Schools website September 2020:

Year 5 Book Club reading Wolf Wilder by Katherine Rundell with Mrs. Smith

Year 5 Book Club - Assembly presentation - The Wolf Wilder

Children enjoying our lovely library, assisted by our Year 6 library team

Book At Bedtime

Reception children listening to stories in the library at lunchtime, read to them by some of our year 4 and 5 pupils.