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Welcome to Badger Class, where playing is learning.   


Your child’s development and happiness is at the heart of everything we do, and we feel that children learn best whilst having fun.  Our aim is to feed your child’s curiosity and to inspire them to aim for the stars.  We use concrete, meaningful and practical learning opportunities that support the children to become independent problem solvers, who are continuously eager to expand their knowledge and skills and have a conscientious attitude to their own learning. 



What is the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum? 


Your child will be learning skills, acquiring new knowledge and demonstrating their understanding through 7 areas of learning and development.  


Children should mostly develop the 3 prime areas first. These are:  

· Communication and language 

· Physical development 

· Personal, social and emotional development 


These prime areas are those most essential for your child’s healthy development and future learning.  


As children grow, the prime areas will help them to develop skills in 4 specific areas. These are:  

· Literacy 

· Mathematics 

· Understanding the world 

· Expressive arts and design.  


These 7 areas are used to plan your child’s learning and activities.  The activities will be tailored to meet your child’s individual needs. 


Our approach to the curriculum helps to embed those early skills in a rich and exciting way.  We teach children not what to think, but how to think. 


What does a day in Badger Class look like? 


Once the children are confidently and happily settled, the pace in the classroom will begin to pick up.  We provide a wide range of experiences and activities, some of which are directed and some self-initiated. 


The children will come into class, have registration and either practise their letter formation or have ‘Thunk of the day’ when they are given a question that encourages them to think creatively and critically. 


Children will then have dough disco (a dance using play dough that encourages the use of fine and gross motor skills) and phonics. 


Children will begin to learn Phase Two phonics from early in Term One.  Once they are secure in all of their initial sounds and have developed a basic understanding of segmenting (cat – ‘c-a-t’) and blending (c-a-t – ‘cat’), then they will move onto Phase 3, which mainly consists of learning digraphs (two letters that make one sound, e.g. ee).  At this stage, their reading and writing is really able to begin to flourish.   By the end of the year, we aim for the children to be confident with Phase 2, 3 and 4 so that they are ready to move onto Phase 5 in Year One.  Please see the attached phonics document for further information.  


Next, we move onto literacy where the children will put their phonic skills to practice.  Each term, or even week, there will be a different theme (often using a book as a stimulus) and a variety of relating play based activities that encourage the children to develop their reading and writing skills.  


They then head to assembly and have play time outside with the rest of the school, where they can develop physically and socially.  


After break, we teach mathematics which consists of a whole class circle time followed by a group task (sometimes adult led and other times independent).  


It is then lunch time for the children.  They can bring a packed lunch or depending on the day they can choose hot dinners, a baguette or a jacket potato.  All of the final 3 options are accompanied by a salad bar.  Once the children have finished eating, they may head outside to play. 



In the afternoons we have a topic focus, where we explore expressive arts and design, personal, social and emotional learning (primarily taught following a programme called Jigsaw), physical education and understanding the world.  


*On Wednesday’s the children have PE. Please ensure they are not wearing jewellery that day, have earrings covered with tape and have the full Wick PE kit.  


We always finish the day with reflection, stories and songs.  


In the Early Years in particular, we really value the resource of our natural world.  The children can learn so much from being outside, therefore we keep the reception door open all day so that the children each get the opportunity to spend time learning outside, no matter the weather.  We ask that all children keep a pair of Wellington boots in school so we can go outside even in wet weather and an all in one puddle suit that they wear at lunchtime, so they can play on the field and in the woods in the winter time. 



Outdoor Clothing

Outdoor Clothing 1
Outdoor Clothing 2


Topics for the year: 


Term 1- Marvellous Me and Autumn  

Term 2- Light and Dark 

Term 3- Dinosaurs  

Term 4- Jack and the Beanstalk  

Term 5- Mini Beasts 

Term 6- Under the sea & The seaside


Despite having exciting and stimulating topics planned for each term, we will also have the flexibility to follow the children’s interests on a daily basis.  For example, if they spot a snail in the garden that they are interested in, we may start learning about insects, building bug hotels, measuring snail trails, etc.   


How can I support my child at home? 


-Give them your focused time and attention as you talk to them about their day, or whatever it is they fancy chatting about and remind them of how proud you are. 

-Recognising numbers and counting objects to ten, then twenty. This could be looking at house numbers on the walk to school, counting how many items are in the shopping basket whilst in Asda, counting toys, etc. 

-Name practise and letter formation.  Children should be forming their names and letters correctly, using cursive writing and therefore remembering their whoosh and flicks.  This could be done in sand, in flour, in slime, on paper, with finger paints and all sorts. 

-Phonics games ( 

-Listen to your child the school books that are sent home from October onwards as often as possible, and also continue reading bed time stories to your child. 

-Join in with their curiosity and imagination and have fun together :) 


Thank you for visiting the website. 


I hope this has given you a good insight into what happens in Badger Class, but to see more have a look on Instagram.  Each day, we upload photographs to share what we do in the classroom. To have a look search our Instagram name: @eyfsbadgerclass 

Badgers's Classroom

Badgers's Classroom 1 Badger's rainbow corner and construction blocks.
Badgers's Classroom 2 Badger's reading corner - The rainbow corner
Badgers's Classroom 3 Writing Area.
Badgers's Classroom 4 Construction Area.
Badgers's Classroom 5 Animals.
Badgers's Classroom 6 Main Classroom.
Badgers's Classroom 7 Main Classroom.
Badgers's Classroom 8 Main Classroom.
Badgers's Classroom 9 Cloakroom Entrance.
Badgers's Classroom 10 Cloakroom Pegs.

Badger's Outdoor Area

Badger's Outdoor Area 1 Outdoor tuff tray.
Badger's Outdoor Area 2 Free flow outdoor play.
Badger's Outdoor Area 3 Badger's super sandpit.
Badger's Outdoor Area 4 Puddle suits and Wellington boots.
Badger's Outdoor Area 5 Water play outdoors.
Badger's Outdoor Area 6 Wendy house.
Badger's Outdoor Area 7 Badger's outdoor area.
Badger's Outdoor Area 8 Outdoor zone.

Badger's Role-Play Area

Badger's Role-Play Area 1 Percy the park keeper topic.
Badger's Role-Play Area 2 Percy's Shed.
Badger's Role-Play Area 3 Overview of Badger's Percy role-play area.
Badger's Role-Play Area 4 Inside Percy's shed.
Badger's Role-Play Area 5 Rainforest role-play.
Badger's Role-Play Area 6 Jack and the beanstalk role-play area.
Badger's Role-Play Area 7 Jack and the beanstalk.
Badger's Role-Play Area 8 Inside the castle.
Badger's Role-Play Area 9 Dinosaur role-play area.
Badger's Role-Play Area 10 Dinosaur role-play display.
Badger's Role-Play Area 11 Dinosaur dig in role-play.
Badger's Role-Play Area 12 Inside the Arctic role-play area.
Badger's Role-Play Area 13 Arctic role-play.
Badger's Role-Play Area 14 Fishing for fish in an ice hole!
Badger's Role-Play Area 15 Arctic role-play.
Badger's Role-Play Area 16 Arctic.
Badger's Role-Play Area 17 Circus fun!
Badger's Role-Play Area 18 Roll up to the circus.
Badger's Role-Play Area 19 Big top tent.
Badger's Role-Play Area 20 Ticket office.
Badger's Role-Play Area 21 Roll up to buy tickets.
Badger's Role-Play Area 22 Inside the big top tent.
Badger's Role-Play Area 23 Circus resources.
Badger's Role-Play Area 24 Jungle themed role-play.
Badger's Role-Play Area 25 Rainforest area with lanterns and torches.
Badger's Role-Play Area 26 Campfire and chair in the jungle!
Badger's Role-Play Area 27 Ahoy me hearties! Pirate topic.
Badger's Role-Play Area 28 Selling coconuts for pirates!
Badger's Role-Play Area 29 Pirate world.

Badger's Small World Area

Badger's Small World Area 1 Badger's fairy world.
Badger's Small World Area 2 Badger's woodland world.
Badger's Small World Area 3 Lots of natural Autumn resources.
Badger's Small World Area 4 Woodland creatures.
Badger's Small World Area 5 Woodland creatures.
Badger's Small World Area 6 Rainforest small world.
Badger's Small World Area 7 Castle small world.
Badger's Small World Area 8 Dinosaur small world.
Badger's Small World Area 9 Volcano in the dinosaur small world.
Badger's Small World Area 10 Dinosaur fun!
Badger's Small World Area 11 Hands on experiences.
Badger's Small World Area 12 Arctic small world.
Badger's Small World Area 13 Arctic small world.
Badger's Small World Area 14 Pirate small world.
Badger's Small World Area 15 Farm and Harvest small world.
Badger's Small World Area 16 Wooden Arctic small world.
Badger's Small World Area 17 Circus small world.
Badger's Small World Area 18 Pirate world!

Badger's funky fingers station

Badger's funky fingers station 1 Pom Pom fine motor skills activity.
Badger's funky fingers station 2 Pick up the sticks using the tweezers.
Badger's funky fingers station 3 Count the numicon holes and match key to padlock.
Badger's funky fingers station 4 How many conkers will fit in the containers?
Badger's funky fingers station 5 Spooky fun with spiders and webs!
Badger's funky fingers station 6 Count the holes and put the beans in them.
Badger's funky fingers station 7 Rainforest themed funky fingers with animal pegs.
Badger's funky fingers station 8 Circus themed funky fingers.
Badger's funky fingers station 9 Making funny clown faces.
Badger's funky fingers station 10 Sorting ladybirds and flowers out.
Badger's funky fingers station 11 Firework themed funky fingers.
Badger's funky fingers station 12 Winter inspired funky fingers.
Badger's funky fingers station 13 Elf on the shelf themed funky fingers.
Badger's funky fingers station 14 Chinese New Year themed funky fingers!
Badger's funky fingers station 15 Natural funky fingers.
Badger's funky fingers station 16 A pumpkin themed funky fingers.
Badger's funky fingers station 17 Balancing the marbles on the golf tees.