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School Council

Wick School Council is made up of two representatives elected from each class, years 2 to 6. We meet every fortnight and discuss matters that are important to our classes. The school council is led by the chair and co-chair, usually from our year 6 class, and Mr Nesbitt, Head of School, helps to steer us through the school year.


What do we do?

It is a real mix! Some of our work is to raise money for charities, sometimes we raise funds for our school, and sometimes we just put events on to have fun! We also discuss any issues facing the school that are important to us as children.

We try and focus our efforts on SLUG!

  • School – what our own community need
  • Local – wider needs in Wick and the local area
  • United Kingdom – national issues
  • Global – issues that come up globally – last year we focussed on the Australian bush fire appeal.

Our first fundraiser this year was at the end of term 1 and we wore our own clothes/Pyjamas and either went to the park or had a film and popcorn afternoon. We wanted to raise money to improve the games and equipment we have to play with at break and lunchtime. Now we are mainly in our ‘bubbles’ we can only play with the equipment in our area, so we naturally would like more choices. Once we know how much we have raised, we will then work with Mrs Dunn, our playleader to decide on what we can buy.

Our next focus will be on a more national level – Christmas jumper day! We love getting the chance to wear our Christmas jumpers and all the money we collect will go towards Save the Children, a national charity which supports children in need in the UK.

We will plan other events throughout the year, but we understand it is a bit more of a challenge this year as we can only work in our bubbles so some of our bigger events can’t happen. However, we won’t let that stop us! Keep up to date on all our activities via the weekly newsletter!