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At Wick CE Primary School we aim to stimulate a child’s curiosity to finding out why things happen in the way they do and foster creative thought through investigation and enquiry. Children learn to gain an appreciation of science and the way it impacts their lives both now and in the future at a personal and global level. We aim to link science across the curriculum so connections can be made.




  • To ask and answer scientific questions
  • To reinforce and extend the understanding of science understanding
  • To develop practical skills for exploration and understanding
  • To plan and carry out scientific investigations , using equipment safely and correctly
  • To know and understand life processes of living things: materials and their properties and physical processes
  • To evaluate evidence and present conclusions
  • To make children aware of all aspects of safety relating to themselves and others
  • To provide varied opportunities to extend science outside the classroom
  • To participate in national science initiatives when appropriate
  • To incorporate science  across the curriculum
  • To foster links with secondary schools to allow children to see the progression of science.


First-hand experiences are essential for the children to improve their investigative skills and the village and its surroundings provide plenty of opportunities for fieldwork.

Science Curriculum Overview

Fun Science at Home


Here is the chance for you to try Science in your own home. Using everyday store cupboard and household items your children can investigate different scientific concepts in a practical and enjoyable manor.


Simply select an experiment from our Science Library, once completed upload photographs of your experiment to  your Google Classroom stream. Completed experiments will receive a certificate during Celebration assembly.


Fun Science at home

Year 5 and 6 Science club