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May: Jane Gillis and Mrs Burgess visited Magpies and Owls classes to explain why Easter is so important to Christians

July: Satyen Gadher (Hindu) shared with Magpies and Owls how how worships using all of his senses.

October: Indian Cultural Workshops with Mita Gadher

Mita visits us every year to share with us; here are some pictures and comments from the day:

Mita teaching a traditional Indian dance to Deer class

November: Jane Brookman visited Owls Class to share her experiences of her pilgrimage to The Holy Land.

Her experiences had a strong effect on her faith and the children loved meeting her.

If you have a story about your faith to tell, please let us know and maybe share it with the children.

November: Pat Walmley - visited Peregrines to discuss how her Humanist faith influences her life

Pat shared how she applied her Humanist values in her life. She does not rely on religious teachings or rules to inform her decisions, but taught the children to use their 'BRAIN' to help them think through dilemmas and how to deal with difficult situations for themselves:

Benefits (what good will come of your action?)

Risks (what problems could it cause?)

Alternatives (what other things could you do?)

Instinct (listen to your 'gut reaction' and consider it)

Nothing (what would the consequences be if you did nothing at all about the situation?)


We value the use of trips and visitors in RE at Wick CE Primary School.

Comments from children:

Poppy "You don't just learn about something from watching videos - you have to meet somebody"  

Regan: "It was more interesting and easier to understand; you could ask her anything"

Ben: "With a real person you can ask as many questions as you want -a video can't answer just any question"


To find out more about Humanism visit the British Humanist Association website.