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What the Children Say

We asked the children “What makes Wick School Great?”


“There are lots of fun things to do. We like the computers and interactive whiteboard. We have a big playing field to run about on. We love our role-play area, building blocks, animals, cars, puppet theatre and writing area. We do lots of painting and colouring.”


“We have a lovely big field.” (Gabby)
“You make lots of friends.” (Noah)


“Lots of people like me”
“I like Wick School because there are lots of caring friends”
“I love multi sports. I love it, love it!” 


“We think Wick is wonderful (and wicked!). We love learning interesting things, we grow our own food and it is friendly, fantastic and fun.”



“Wick School is great because there is something for everyone to enjoy” 
“Wick school is cool because it has its own pool!” (Alice)



‘Wick school is a joy to all
It doesn’t matter if you are big or small
Everyone is kind
You always use your mind!’ (Olivia)



‘It is easy to find your way around.’ (Nathan)
‘If there is something wrong the teachers help you.’ (Safia)
‘All the children are friends.’ (Callum)