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Year 2 – Foxes

Butterflies 27.05.21

Foxes Class
Teacher – Mrs Weldon




Please arrive at school on time.

School lessons begin at 8.50am. Your teachers are called Mrs Weldon and Mrs Lunt will teach on Fridays.


Letters and communication

Please do check you emails each day as future letters and messages will be emailed or text to parents.



Bring your reading folder to school everyday. Keep your reading book and reading diary.

Books will only be changed when they have been read at home. Please ask an adult to write a comment about your reading or initial the title of the book when it’s time to change it.



Homework will continue to be Maths, Spellings and Reading and it will all be sent on a Friday. Maths will usually relate to the weekly topic and needs to be returned by the following Thursday.



If you would like toast at morning playtime, please send the money to school in a labelled envelope on the first day back of each term. You will be given free fruit to eat in the afternoon but if you prefer, you may bring your own piece of fruit



Please keep your P.E kit, including navy blue shorts, plain white T-shirt and daps or trainers at school at all times. P.E will usually be on Mondays and Wednesdays. Please make sure everything you bring to school is clearly named and keep it neatly on your peg in the cloakroom.



We need a parent volunteer before we can confirm the days. Please call in to see me, if you may be able to help.


Good Citizens

We expect everyone to follow the class ‘Golden Rules’ that we have agreed. Children who are extra specially good citizens and make extra effort with their learning will be rewarded. If anyone chooses not to follow the ‘Golden Rules’ then they will lose some of their ‘Golden Time’ and sometimes their playtime. Our class rules are on the wall of our room. (‘Golden time’ is a session on Friday afternoons and it is a time for children to initiate their own play and creative activities with their friends.)

Think about how well you are learning

Let the adults at school and home know how well you are learning. At the end of each lesson, draw a green, yellow or red face to show whether you understood the work well (green), understood most of it (yellow) or need more help to understand it (red) . You can use this code on your homework and in your reading diaries as well.



Earrings may not be worn on PE or swimming days. If recently pierced however, they can be taped over for PE but you will not be allowed in the pool for swimming with earrings.



Everyone needs to bring a bottle of water to school each Monday, labelled clearly with your name and class. If you do not bring a bottle you will not be able to get a drink in class.


Labelling belongings

Please, please, name everything you bring to school using permanent pens or labels—normal pen washes out after just a few washes. Every effort will be made to return named items but unnamed items will be sent straight to lost property. Thank you.


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