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Year 3 – Magpies

Magpies Class
Teachers – Mrs. Stone




Over the year, the children spend time studying four topics.  The first topic, 'Contrasts,' covers a range of science and geography skills and uses the word contrasts to identify opposites, such as night and day, northern and southern hemispheres, push and pull forces and contrasting colours, materials and design methods.  In this topic the children carry out a study of the sun and the shadows created throughout the day; make puppet theatres and shadow puppets, and act out their own shadow puppet shows; create hand puppets out of textiles and design their own Christmas party hats to wear at the Christmas lunch.

The topic, Through the Ages investigates history from the Stone Age, through the Bronze age and into the Iron Age and is a fascinating look at British pre-history with opportunities to create Stone Age cave paintings, learn about everyday life for the people in the Stone Age but also how the discovery of bronze and iron changed life forever.  

Our Castaway topic has lots of wonderful opportunities to explore what it would be like to survive on a deserted island as a castaway and incorporates, science, geography and problem solving.

Finally, our Rotten Romans topic is a fascinating insight into life in Britain over 2000 years ago when the Romans invaded Britain but also a study of the legacy the Romans left in Britain and the impact they had. We visit Caerleon in South Wales to explore at first hand Roman settlements and experience wearing armour, marching in formation and learning about the foods the Romans ate.

This year, the children begin learning Spanish and start to correspond in Spanish with a pen friend from our partner school, Gloria Fuertes, in Jaen, Andalucia.  We hope this year to develop the use of Skype with our pen friends so that we can practise our spoken language with them.

Magpies also participate in a production with year 4 and most children will have speaking parts as well as performing in the choir.  

Without a doubt, year 3 in Magpies is a busy but action packed year which we hope the children will enjoy as much as we do!