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Year 6 - Woodpeckers

Woodpeckers Class
Teacher – Mrs Perkins and Mrs Bettridge

Teaching Assistant-Mrs Thompson




Life in year 6 is never dull! As well as working very hard on our learning across a range of subjects, we take on leadership roles in the school. We hand out registers every day, man the office at lunch time, help as play leaders at break time and lead the school council.

Year 6 is an important year as we aim to prepare children for the transition to secondary schools, and we aim to combine knowledge based learning with citizenship skills such as taking responsibility, working in teams and being self motivated learners. A very popular part of our curriculum is when we work with our buddies in the Reception class, helping with their learning and setting a good example. We also take part in personal challenges when we have to take a subject area and work on it independently, then present our learning to an audience.

In Woodpeckers although we work hard, we do take time out for trips, school camp and the end of year production, aiming to make the final year in Primary school memorable!


Hello Woodpeckers,


We have added an English PowerPoint and some more maths tasks for you to have a go at;  we plan to add two more English lessons later this week. Also, we wanted you to ask your parents whether you could use the 'English Live' lessons on 'English with Holly' on Facebook. Hopefully, you have enough tasks to keep you busy this week. Please keep photos of whatever you have been doing as we would love you to eventually be able to share them with us.

Best wshes,

Mrs Perkins and Mrs Bettridge

Tuesday 24th March: Hi Woodpeckers! We hope you are all keeping safe, well and busy. We have added another SPAG test to We will also add a link to making a human heart from play doh. Why not try being a modern Anne Frank and write a diary of this very strange, unprecedented experience? Also here is a list of out tricky orange words-work you way through them. Maybe 10-15 a day.

Take care and be kind and patient with your families,

Mrs Perkins and Mrs Bettridge


27/03/20 We've added a Sumdog challenge today.  Have a good weekend everyone.

Also look at the homework jigsaw and complete some of the other Corbett Maths units.  Write the answers in your book we gave you. 

 Mrs Bettridge and Mrs Perkins


03/04/20 We've added a new Sumdog challenge and check out next terms homework jigsaw and spellings if you want to do more.  Keep working on those tricky spellings too. Have a good Easter holiday and stay safe.

Mrs Bettridge and Mrs Perkins


Making recipes with rationed food during WW2

Making recipes with rationed food during WW2 1
Making recipes with rationed food during WW2 2
Making recipes with rationed food during WW2 3
Making recipes with rationed food during WW2 4
Making recipes with rationed food during WW2 5
We made carrot cake, orange and honey biscuits, potato cakes and egg and bacon pie with potato pastry.  We all enjoyed most of them but felt they were not as tasty as the food we are lucky to eat today in 2019.

WW2 Art

WW2 Art 1
WW2 Art 2
WW2 Art 3